by Divergent



This trip hop re-visitation of the story of Peter Pan is an adaptation of a public domain work.


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indifferent to appearances
I did nothing
knew nothing about it
poured out questions
continued to sleep so placidly on the floor
silence they had heard
breathed so loudly that they were nearly detected
the room was ablaze with light
birds, carrying maps and consulting them at windy corners
the loneliness was dreadful
the echoes seemed to cry
alone in the darkness
to sit still seemed to him such a comic thing to do
stood motionless, one hand to his ear
continued apologetically
frightful emphasis
Intently he listened for any sound from the nether world,
all was as silent below as above;
the house under the ground seemed to be but one more empty tenement in the void


released April 7, 2020
Produced at by Russ Dionne, SOCAN Member Number: 5510316, Singing, Spoken Voice Over, Guitar work, Drum Brute (Drum Machine) Programming and K2 Analog Synth work and Reason Studios DAW work done by Russ Dionne.


all rights reserved



Acultur8 /Cyclic / Divergent / Echoe / Industrial Joint / The Broken Ideals British Columbia


SOCAN Member Number: 5510316

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